3/8 Ozark River Rock 1" Ozark River Rock 2" Ozark River Rock

1" or 2"Rainbow Rock  Dakota Cobbles

  6" Ledge Stones       14" Stack Stones   

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Stone Products

Decorative stones and rock are extremely popular today with DIY owners. There are many different benefits to using any of these products.

  • Stone and Rock can really help beautify your home!
  • Stone and Rock are Durable
  • They are resistant to extreme weather and to heavy traffic
  • They are Versatile. You can use them almost anywhere on your property
    • Use them on walkways, create paths, ponds or pools and, driveways
  • They are Cost Effective
    • If you are on a tight budget, you can usually install them yourself
    • It usually low-maintenance. Do it once and it's done
  • Do It Yourself
    • You don't have to call in the experts to install it. With some basic tools, and a little bit of hard work, you can do it.
    We have a large selection of Decorative Stone,Retaining Wall, Decorative Rock and Gravel products.

Decorative Rock

Retaining Wall

We Also Supply Gravel

  • 3/8" Pea Gravel 
  • 1/2" Gravel 
  • 3/4" Gravel 
  • 2" Gravel 
  • Crusher Run
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